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Steakizmo: The Perfect Steak Every Time by News  ISBN/ITEM#: CM170910PERFECT
Date: 10 September 2017

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Whether you cook your steak on the BBQ or in a frying pan on top of the stove, you want to know if your steak is corrected to your preferences or that of your family and guests.  Personally, we opt for one of those special battery-operated BBQ fork / meat thermometers which inserts sharp twin prongs into the meat and tells you to what level it's cooked, regardless of whether you're grilling beef, pork, chicken, etc. but its primary drawback is that the juices leak out of the holes.  Steakizmo lets you gently but firmly press their device against your steak and tell you how well cooked it is.  We want to know if you can use it with something other than steaks, namely hamburgers, pork, chicken, etc.

From release/information:

A lightning-fast doneness tester that doesn't pierce your steak and beats any thermometer out there

Steakizmo is a simpler, cleaner, and easier way to consistently check the level that your steak is cooked.  Whether you’re cooking for yourself, grilling for a group or a chef in a steakhouse, Steakizmo allows you to measure the level at which your steaks are cooked within a matter of seconds, no matter the thickness or the cut.  With Steakizmo, you won’t have the awkward wires, probes that put holes in beautiful steaks, or someone else’s dirty fingers touching your dinner.

In less time than it takes you to season your steaks, Steakizmo allows you to measure the level to which your steaks are cooked so that you get your perfect steak, every time.

Our grilling gadget is a simpler, cleaner, and easier way to consistently check the doneness of your steak, no matter the thickness or the cut, all without the inconvenience of probes or wires.


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